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Animated gif of supernormal.io homepage
Website for Supernormal. An architecture, urban strategy, and research firm.

︎ supernormal.io

Harvard University


Harvard’s first comprehensive wayfinding program. Bridging Cambridge and Boston, Massachusetts.

Open Work: Tidal Basin


A 100 year journey to save the Tidal Basin. Website for Reed Hilderbrand.

︎︎︎ tidalbasin.reedhilderbrand.com

Justice Is Beauty: Mass Design Group


Documenting the powerful work of MASS Design Group.
Completed while at OverUnder. Published by The Monacelli Press.

Moving Sale 


A virtual yard to sell your belongings. Inspired by Craigslist and powered by Kirby, HTML, and CSS.

︎︎︎ movingsale.online
︎ shannon@shannonmclean.info
︎ are.na/shannon-mclean
︎ Santa Fe, New Mexico