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Equitable access to meaningful education. Website for education non-profit Edvestors.

︎︎︎ edvestors.org

Boston Center for the Arts


Boston Center for the Arts’ 2020 year in review; illustrated with artist interviews, breathtaking event photography, and a new identity.

Justice Is Beauty: Mass Design Group


Documenting the powerful work of MASS Design Group.
Completed while at OverUnder. Published by The Monacelli Press.

Harvard University


Harvard’s first comprehensive wayfinding program. Bridging Cambridge and Boston, Massachusetts.

Henry N. Cobb: Words & Works


2018 AIGA 50 Books 50 Covers
2018 Curbed, Chunky Book Award
2019 Design Observer, Jarrett Fuller

Co-designed w/ Chris Grimley at OverUnder
Published by The Monacelli Press
︎ shannon@shannonmclean.info
︎ are.na/shannon-mclean
︎ Santa Fe, New Mexico